How to start Cold Staking on a VPS

It is recommended to run your own Full Node for Cold Staking To help the Solaris network stay as decentralized as possible. If you want setup your own Hot Wallet which will do the staking for you on a VPS, then follow the instructions below.


1 After you purchased your VPS and installed Ubuntu, you need to login into the VPS console using Putty or the Mac OS alternative.
2 In Putty enter the IP address of the VPS and click

You may see a certificate warning, since this is the first time you are connecting to this server. You can safely click Yes to trust this server in the future.

You are now connected to the server and should see a terminal window. Begin by logging into your server with the user name (usually "root") and password supplied by the hosting provider.

To paste in the Putty, Right Click the mouse button.
3 In the Terminal window you need to enter four commands to begin the Hot Wallet installation and setup.

Copy this 1st command into the Terminal and hit Enter.

apt-get update

Copy this 2nd command into the Terminal and hit Enter.

apt-get upgrade

Copy this 3rd command into the Terminal and hit Enter.

sudo su -

Now copy this 5th command into the Terminal and hit Enter which will begin the setup process.

bash <( curl -s )

This is how it should look when you enter both commands one-by-one and the setup begins:
node setup

4 The script automatically checks and installs all the necessary components, which can take up to 10 minutes.

Once the installation is complete, you will be asked to enter a Wallet Name (required), Password (required) and a Passphrase (optional, can leave blank) to create this hot wallet. Hit Enter after typing each detail.
5 Now the script will go through the final steps and give you the Hot Wallet address that you can use to setup Cold Staking in your Solaris Core wallet.

Copy and save this information incase you want to add more funds to cold-stake by using the same Hot Wallet address again.
6 In your Solaris Core wallet, click into to COLD STAKING tab.
7 Select "This will become a Cold Staking wallet" and click next.
8 Enter the amount of coins you want to start Cold Staking.
9 Enter the Hot Wallet address you received from setting up your VPS Hot Wallet.
10 Enter the wallet password and click SEND.
11 Your Cold Staking has been setup!
12 That's it! After 1 network confirmation your Cold Staking balance will be visible and will begin to stake after it matures.
13 Lastly you should make a backup of your wallet file to ensure easy recovery of the Cold Balance.

The 12 word mnemonic phrase does work to recover main balance and the cold balance will still be there, but not visible and requires special techniques to recover. The wallet file ensures you can easily restore your cold balance in the future.

You can find the location of your wallet file by going to the ADVANCED tab in your wallet and look at the Wallet data directory.

Go to that folder and make a copy of the file which starts with the name of your wallet and ends with *.wallet.json.