How to Solaris Savings

Lock your Solaris coins for a set period of 6 or 12 months, and receive guaranteed returns at the end of the lock period!

By utilizing the enterprise infrastructure of Txbit, and the safety of Cold Staking, you can feel at ease knowing that your funds are not only safe, but growing each day! Solaris Savings is available through Txbit.

Lock 1,000 XLR in the 12 month plan, you will receive 1,170 XLR at the end lock period. No need to mess around with wallets or VPS instances. Making passive income has never been easier. Current minimum amount to lock is set to 1,000 XLR, but will be actively adjusted to account for price changes.

Current saving plans are:

Please beware that the given balance will be locked until the end of the selected period. This is cannot be undone.

1 Go to Txbit - Login or make an account

2 Go to savings

3 Choose the period for which you want to lock up Solaris and how much Solaris you want to save.